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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What is the difference between "dry cleaning" and "wet cleaning"
    First, no dry cleaning is dry. During the "dry cleaning" process clothes are dipped into chemical solvents, it's called "dry cleaning" because clothes are dry at the end of the cleaning cycle, and perhaps because clothes are pre-spoted while they are dry. During wet cleaning clothes are cleaned in water with bio-degradable detergents using computer controlled gentle cycles. At the end of the cycle the clothes are wet and they need to be hang dried. Clothes are just as clean, often cleaner than "dry cleaned" clothes, less any smelly chemicals. In a nutshell, wet cleaning is a process designed to safely clean clothes labeled "dry clean only" without any harmful chemicals. Once you try it, you will never "dry clean" again. At Americlean we offer dry cleaning services with the wet cleaning process. Your garments are carefully pre-spoted to remove tough stains than wet cleaned with bio-degradable, eco-friendly detergents. Garments are restored to their original look by our skilled pressers.

  • What is the turnaround time for alterations?
    We get alterations done by when you need them. Normal turnaround is two weeks, however, when you need something done quickly, simply tell us when you need your alterations order ready, consider it done.

  • Will I retire sooner if I get my dry cleaning done at Americlean on University Blvd.?
    We don't know...but for sure you will look good, feel great, and get noticed. Who knows, maybe you'll get a promotion because besides being the top performer in your office, you also look the best. You see, with your new position you'll make more money, save more for retirement, your kids graduate from college, you retire to an exotic island. We don't know if this will happen, but it sounds good

  • Since you wet clean, couldn't I just wash the clothes at home?
    No. It takes extensive training to properly wet clean most fabrics. The wet clean machines are computer controlled to control processing temperature and agitation. The real challenge lies in pressing most fabrics, they must be steamed with "dry steam". "Dry Steam" is created at high pressure 80 to 100 PSI, not available in steam irons sold for consumer use, unless you spend over $1000.00 for the steam press.

  • What quality alterations can I expect?
    When we alter your clothes we recreate like-new appearance whenever possible. The finish is always clean, factory-like, and we inspect each garment carefully prior to returning it to you. The only difference you will see is that your garments will fit perfectly after we tailored them for you.

Owners Marti and Robert

We love being your tailors and cleaners.

Team Americlean...

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We are easy to find on University Blvd, one minute from Trident Hospital, across from Zaxby's, next to Subway. We are conveniently located  to residents of North Charleston, Ladson, Goose Creek, and Hanahan.

Phone# :

Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Saturday CLOSED


From Trident Hospital drive towards Rivers Avenue, you will find us after a quarter mile on the left.

From Hanahan, take Hwy 78, drive about one mile and you'll find us on the right side, across from Zaxby's restaurant.

Don't fight the traffic! When leaving Americlean towards Hanahan, Goose Creek, or North Charleston, exit our parking lot on the Subway side, turn left, than turn right at the next street(behind Holiday Inn), turn right at the roundabout and you'll find yourself at the traffic light next to the Hess gas station. From this light you can safely turn left to travel towards Hanahan, Goose Creek or North Charleston without fighting Hwy 78 traffic.

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"Look Good, Feel Good, Save Time"

Americlean - N Charleston, SC
8988 University Blvd., Ste 102
North Charleston, SC, 29406
Phone: (843)553-6301

Hours of Operation
M - F: 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Saturday, Sunday: closed